Richie Gauntlet

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Aolabs Richie Brace Gauntlet 150x255


Product Name: Richie Brace Gauntlet

  • Medial and Lateral Arch Suspender®
    : Legitimate Varus/Valgus control of hindfoot
  • Fulfills true definition of code L2275
  • Neutral Suspension Casts Accepted: No need for casting boards
  • Non-weight bearing cast provides better heel and arch contour
  • All casts intrinsically balanced to correct forefoot varus/valgus deformities

Clinical Indications:

  • Rigid, non-reducible Adult Acquired Flatfoot (stage III and IV)
  • Severe DJD or deformity of hindfoot
  • Charcot Arthropathy

Casting – A marking is required for the medial and lateral malleoli on all negative casts

  • Use Mid-leg STS Casting sock casted up 9”

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