Richie Brace®

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Casting Instructions

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Fitting Instructions


Fitting Instructions California Brace

Instructions for Wearing Arch Suspender

Insurance Compliance Documents

How to be Medicare Compliant with Richie Brace

Suggested L Codes for Richie Brace

Richie Brace Repairs and Refurbishment Codes

All in One Medical Necessity Document with ICD-10 Codes

AFO receipt (Richie Brace)

AFO Receipt California

Complaint Log

Complaint Resolution Policy

Medicare 30 abbreviated standards

Medicare 30 standards, full version

Replacement and Repair of Richie Brace® Devices

Important Documents:

Fee Schedule all codes, Floors & Ceilings

New! ICD-10 Code List For The Richie Brace

New! Richie Brace Treatment Guide Tutorial

Richie Brace Problems and Solutions


Lateral Ankle Instability

Adult Acquired Flatfoot


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Clearing Up The Confusion Over Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (Podiatry Today)

Running Shoe Technology PDF

Adult Acquired Flatfoot