We sell to medical practitioners only.

2nd Pair Discount

A second pair of plus line orthoses to be made from an existing positive cast will receive a discount of 25%. A $5.00 discount for a  2nd pair of Footlights is given.  This also applies to casts the patient has had sent back to them (even from another lab). Note: We do reserve the right to refuse work from casts that do not meet our standards. 90 day adjustment periods do not apply when we have worked from another lab’s casts.

Professional Courtesy

We will provide one free pair per practitioner every two years. An account will be eligible after the practitioner has ordered 10 new pairs in the current 2 year period. Some members of practitioner’s immediate family and staff receive a 25% discount after ordering requirements have been met. Please state the relationship on order form. Account must be in a good standing with A/R.