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Personalized service. Always responsive & a pleasure to work with. Orthotics fit and any modifications are done well & quickly. Allied is one of the best labs around. The orthotics work well and fit. The patients like them & they last a long time. They give good advice about prescriptions and devices. Friendly and knowledgeable about orthotics and biomechanics.

-Debra Young, DPM | Chicago, IL

There is no comparison that we can see. I have always enjoyed working with staff, especially Amanda, Becky, & Sheila. I have worked with them for 14 years and they feel like family. Especially like iPad scanner, quicker turn around. No patient complaints with new way of scanning.

-Michelle Barthman, OM | Eureka, CA

Confidence in workmanship, variety of products offered. Ability to speak with rep quickly and get answers.

-Ann Farrer, DPM | Winchester, KY

Excellent customer service. Sheila, Kathy, Becky, & Sandie are all amazing when we call and have questions. They all go beyond expectations to help us with any issues or questions we have.

-Breiry Cruz, OM | Chicago, IL

Complete satisfaction with the customer service that we have had over 15 years. If you want to use a company that gives one-on-one service, this is the company. Quality product, quality staff.

-Kim Hall, OM | Hampton, VA