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Allied has quite a variety of orthotics that provide the utmost support for patients conditions. I feel the construction of the ortho is superior to other ortho companies.  Excellent Customer service; very knowledgeable about providing the correct information on the type of ortho the patient would be suited for.

-Jeffrey Peltzman, DC | Old Bridge, NJ

Great quality product and the turnaround time is great. The staff always calls us to suggest other alternatives that can be done on the orthotics. If we call Allied OSI they will always have the answers to our question and will teach us if we need to learn anything. Keep up the great work.

-Omero Valenzuela, Sr. Clinical Assistant | Amarillo, TX

Every time I call with a questions regarding orthotics, I get to speak to a person immediately who has an excellent understanding of product line and how best to help me fit a person. I have never had to wait to speak to the right person or listen to a 2 min recording to push 1 for this or 2 for that.

-Keegan McConnel, PT | Flower Mound, TX

Consistent quality dependable TAT and helpful staff for difficult cases.

-Richard Lind, DPM | Charlotte, NC

Quality of devices have worked well for our practice. Communication with Lab to Dr is appreciated.

-Carla Berry, OM | Charlotte, NC

Personalized service. Always responsive & a pleasure to work with. Orthotics fit and any modifications are done well & quickly. Allied is one of the best labs around. The orthotics work well and fit. The patients like them & they last a long time. They give good advice about prescriptions and devices. Friendly and knowledgeable about orthotics and biomechanics.

-Debra Young, DPM | Chicago, IL

There is no comparison that we can see. I have always enjoyed working with staff, especially Amanda, Becky, & Sheila. I have worked with them for 14 years and they feel like family. Especially like iPad scanner, quicker turn around. No patient complaints with new way of scanning.

-Michelle Barthman, OM | Eureka, CA

Confidence in workmanship, variety of products offered. Ability to speak with rep quickly and get answers.

-Ann Farrer, DPM | Winchester, KY

Excellent customer service. Sheila, Kathy, Becky, & Sandie are all amazing when we call and have questions. They all go beyond expectations to help us with any issues or questions we have.

-Breiry Cruz, OM | Chicago, IL

Complete satisfaction with the customer service that we have had over 15 years. If you want to use a company that gives one-on-one service, this is the company. Quality product, quality staff.

-Kim Hall, OM | Hampton, VA